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Jaime’s Ladder: A Case Study of Shamanism in ASOIAF

Dreams, visions, prophecies — the books comprising George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire (ASOIAF) abound in shamanic symbolism. Nearly every single point-of-view (POV) character exhibits some form of mystical experience connecting them with a higher spiritual realm … Continue reading

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Zombies, Werewolves & Ghosts: Body, Soul & Spirit in ASOIAF

A Song of Ice & Fire is creepy. Very creepy. George R.R. Martin is a master horror writer. Part of what makes good horror fiction (or horror non-fiction, I guess) is the ability to tap deep down through to our … Continue reading

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The Symbolic Significance of Ebony & Persimmon in ASOIAF

This is the first essay I wrote for the ASOIAF Forum. I was not then nor am I now convinced of the conclusions or speculation of this significance, but I still believe that both ebony wood and persimmon fruit are … Continue reading

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